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ence expectations?
Disband 2020
OneThree vs 5POWER
TBA is the biggest pullout artist in sports history, they are always listed on multiple games across many sports, but they always end up dodging the competitions. TBD is a close second.
why do you like a team?
"went all the way to a naked fist fight in the gyms lockerroom." flag checks out In Esports for me it's the lineup since the orgs are faceless, the orgs can drop their entire lineup and it would be s...
Apple vs xiaomi
I've noticed it's always the people who have never owned anything by Apple that are the most vocal haters. I know it sucks if you can't afford nice things, but those who do will keep on buying the nic...
Csgo 2 is coming
With all the nostalgia to millenials being so in, just wait for them to release CSGO 1.6
Tricked vs mousesports
EZ4VIRTUSPRO! am i doing it right?
mousesports LUL
Poor Karrigan looks ill (or just hangover)
mousesports vs E-RIVALS
How long till we see this Conor punching the elderly at pubs mid day?
fat animals are abuse
They are being neglected by their parents. It's the parents responsibility to make sure their kid is healthy, overweight is not healthy. Some parents have neglected their own health so badly that it d...
Most toxic nationalities in csgo
Well, to be honest, i at least get really toxic knowingly when my team is me + 4 Boris Bots, one of whom always shouts "RUSH *" every round and the pac of monkeys follows to their suicide by stupidity...
ECS Pause
Hope you guys sort that stuff out eventually, no ill will meant even though i might've come off as a dick.