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just dont watch it boomer
Brollan smurfing
imagine not knowing xelos
C9 Smooya
that's a very legitimate question
C9 Smooya
why would they get the uk shitkid lol espiranto is a much better option
NiKo stayed in FaZe (+proof)
Faze were definitely way more consistent at being terrible/super average. At one point Fnatic were 1st in the same ranking you seem to trust so much.
NiKo stayed in FaZe (+proof)
you mean 'fan of a team that's doing way better than faze without spending zillions on a washed up baiter'? you might be correct.
NiKo stayed in FaZe (+proof)
Imagine thinking that you can succeed with washedupzera in the team. xD
life plan
idk men i earn 32k a month
C9 TACO obviously
cloud9 are known for making absurd roster changes so i wouldn't be surprised if they believed into the 'good support player' bollocks
absolutely barbaric things in CSGO
In a literal sense not speaking English would be barbaric.
rain haters come here
I'm not in his bloody head to judge if he does it 'maliciously' or not. xD What ever his reasons, motivations and feelings are, that playstyle is clearly not working and it prevents other members of ...
rain haters come here
at least he benefits the team in some way coldzera's contribution to the team is pretty much non-existent, he just drags the other players down by putting himself in good positions and getting absolut...
niko why?
faze have been making so many weird decisions lately, especially spending a shit ton of money on washedupzera and signing bymas who wasn't even playing that well in fpl im not surprised that they insi...
razer detective
WRONG! the cable is not detachable.
razer detective
his pov and IGL-ing are a lot more painful to watch tbh