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I've made a list of children for people to avoid so that we can all live another day in peace. If you encounter one, please call 911 or head to your nearest shelter to avoid catastrophic damage.

meistr0 - ID 1075801 [Nutcase]
Kickfallen_ffs - ID 1081350 [Racist, Baiter]
Teukkasd - ID 1111830 [Baiter]
d1pal(LiquidIsMajorWinner) - ID 1199804 [Baiter]
L0G - ID 1218118 [Baiter]
ImNATrash - ID 807219 [Baiter]
aligholiz77 - ID 1217397 [Baiter]
aww3e46tsaqe24rwfdawbtnafvdq32 - ID 827651[Baiter, Child]
C9_1_MAJOR_LIQUID_0_MAJOR - ID 1060243 [Baiter, Child]
Cloud9_1major_Liquid_0Major - ID - 1081293 [Boyfriend of 1060243, Baiter]
the_trash_man - ID 1119722 [Baiter]
Gianopoulos - ID 879783 [Baiter]
Ash171 - ID 1144842 [Nutcase, Baiter]
ARBOGA - ID 850178 [Weeb, Child]
veryserioslyguy - ID 1072778 [Baiter]
Official_HLTV_Gigachad - ID 1115145 [Baiter, Child]
grenzor - ID 706243 [Child]
perth - ID 725680 [Post Spammer (Special Case)]
blessed_MMA - ID 1218676 [Baiter, Child, Multi-Accounter(Max_Holloway, jonbonesjones)]
whosmans - ID 988845 [Baiter, Child]
MbappeGOAT - ID 1158873 [Baiter]
harvarddropoutt - ID 1207885 [Baiter, nutcase]
Frotha - ID 1005181 [Racist, Baiter]
SingleEventUpset - ID 1179319 [Baiter, Weeb Trash]
onee-chan [probably SingleEventUpset's ALT] - ID 1238933 [Weeb, Child]
1922 - ID 1265383 [Baiter, retard, alt account, waiting until he gets banned again]
notallama - ID 705526 [Retard, baiter, no life]
OvuvuevuevueUgbemugbemOsas ID 1103137 [Gay, he tried to suck my dick and I told him no, but he refused and kept trying to do it anyways. At the end of the day I had to call his parents to pick him up. The day is saved but the war is not won]

MVP'os List:
SugaHyun - ID 1208966 [Human trash, tells people to go die, said he would rape your kids if you insult him, baits for replies]

Worst of them All:

Jonathan E. - Corrupt piece of shit that does what he wants because he can

If you're on this list then I recommend you stop using the internet, it's rotting your brain and your future is dim.
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why do ppl h8 s0m?
A very perfunctory explanation there, thanks. I'm just denouncing somebody who told people to go kill themselves, because he's a blatant troll. If your 0 IQ brain also wants to jump in just to say s...
why do ppl h8 s0m?
You can make the list too if you want, literally takes 0 effort to make and you assume I dedicated my life to it. Ignorance is truly the bliss of stupid people
why do ppl h8 s0m?
Literally sounds like every argument on the internet, when a random comes in and throws a punch then you say something completely redundant. Nice job.
Pro players aim(?)
No, you have to have better crosshair placement, sometimes movement can also effect the accuracy of your shot
why do ppl h8 s0m?
Based off the 0/8 I can automatically assume this is not your 1st account, see you in 10.
why do ppl h8 s0m?
Coming from a geek that lives on these forums, nt.
So this is where semphis ended up, sad
Pro players aim(?)
muscle memory better crosshair placement and reaction time he's human
why do ppl h8 s0m?
Nice you made it onto the list 👏👏
why do ppl h8 s0m?
An incoherent reply wins all, sounds about right.
why do ppl h8 s0m?
thanks for giving up, you tried
why do ppl h8 s0m?
mouth breather
why do ppl h8 s0m?
your very first response proves that incorrect you imbecile
why do ppl h8 s0m?
No worries you've been on these forums way longer than me, can already tell your brain is fried when you're incapable of making sensible comments
why do ppl h8 s0m?
I don't recall asking a feminist for their opinion