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FaZe vs mousesports
Karrigan's revenge. I hope mouse wins.
Vitality vs Grayhound
Possible. All I know is, for a french team, KennyS, Zywoo, and NBK should definitely be together. The rest can be filled with whoever you want.
Vitality vs Grayhound
Right, cause when I say get rid of you think I want a 2v5. It's called replacing the role with someone else genius. Didn't think it would be that hard for you to figure out.
Vitality vs Grayhound
Like I said, Vitality needs to get rid of apex, rpk, and alex. They performed so bad in main qualifier. Bunch of trash team. Zywoo's talent is currently wasted.
Vitality vs Grayhound
I didn't expect Vitality to perform this bad in the main qualifier. Huge disappointed. I really hope they lose match. They don't deserve it. Besides zywoo, their whole line-up is trash.
Vitality vs Syman
RIP Syman. They are so screwed this game.
Envyus only won 1 major what are you smoking? The only organization that won more than 1 major is Fnatic and Astralis.....
If you actually followed C9 or any tournaments before and after ELEAGUE Major then you would KNOW how consistent C9 was with Stewie in the team. They were a VERY good team that kept winning 1st to 3rd...
When people talk about fluke, they need to talk about the team that won a major and CONTINUED with the SAME roster which ended up failing. Not changing up the rosters and judging organizations. Roster...
You act like C9 is a team with the same 5 players every time they play. No. C9 team was extremely solid and running up top 5 in every tournament then eventually won out in the majors. But of course du...