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he/him - 19 years of age - São Paulo / SP - Brazil
Proud pansexual, human rights activist and feminist

Did not like what i said? Make a B.O.

I am close friend with Neymar (seriously) see the caption he says that he loves me


1. Literally the oldest bait of the internet

2. I can't be proud of my own culture. Racistas!

3. I also got 3 day ban because I made a joking:
"I hate that my sister and my girlfriend have the same name (Julia)
Cuz when we are making love i scream her name and it reminds me of my girlfriend"

"Mixing girlfriends and sister is indeed against the rules." E., Jonathan. 2020.

4. 1 day ban because I made a thread arguing that Tyrannosaurus can't wipe their own ass because they have tiny arms

5. 3-day ban because I said that I got a PP Overdose at the Carnival (I bet it was dimitri homophobic who banned me in this one)

6. No. Fucking. Comments.

_Awper bolsominion fudido

Welcome, this is HLTV comments! Cuz if I comment I get ban 4ever. that's how things work here.........

Fun fact: ASTR28LYS never beat FÚRIA
They played two times (one bo1 and one bo3) and FÚRIA won both in a humiliating fashion
AST28LYS had a 37-1 record on Nuke and then they lost 2x in a row to FÚRIA on that map!

The 28 in AST28LYS is a refference to the time that they lost 28 rounds in a row
The Y stands for luckY cuz they are very lucky
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