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Hi, I'm Psycho. Coming from Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
Original acc got 10 year ban. Will attempt to reform myself on this new one. Retaining my original name.
Facts don't care about feelings. Nothing does. Nobody does.
-I like watching anime and playing video games
-I like geography and history
-I’m a big fan and lover of symbolism.
-I'm a Moderate aka centrist in politics (and no im not a leftist, you’re either retarded or misinformed if you actually think I am)
-I'm a solid/decent debater so you can try me. And Im far from stupid so be sure to think before blurting out
-Anti SJW and Anti-Alt right
-Greatly against racism (if red line is crossed) and identity politics.
-simple racial slurs aren’t going to offend me that easily (im a minority)
-I don’t judge by race, I judge by actions.

Users Im fighting wars with aka stupid people:

Forum posts
what do you think about artificial intelligence ?
nibbas would be rioting cause no more blue collar jobs.
What I said is from what would’ve been the Treaty of Sèvres where the Ottoman Empire which was just now modern Turkey was to be partitioned between the Allies and others which were Greece and Armenia.
If ataturk not existed your country wouldve been broken up like Austria-Hungary with East Thrace and the west coast of Anatolia being part of Greece, Northwest being Armenian, Middle South being Briti...
Italy Elections
I see, but lets take it that 5star and friends fail and dont make it by Tuesday which is the supposed deadline, now the question will really be a hit or miss: "What now?"
Italy Elections
only time will tell since things are getting cold for Italy. Italy's PM resigned and now there's a deadline for a new government on Tuesday apparently. I already know this is likely all part of a plan...
Italy Elections
how did this thread get revived lmao. Then again, its kinda perfect timing since Italy is on the verge of a snap election :d
kurdistan will eventually end up existing at one point, like it or not :d , it would’ve existed had Ataturk not existed.
Richest esporters ATM
ez guaranteed millionaire status LUL
Richest esporters ATM
LoL sucks at prize pools since they dont have any except in the LCS finals and LCS worlds LUL
Opinion on leftists?
If they aren’t in that near impenetrable bubble then Im fine with them since I lean more left. Other than that, I hate them, nothing more than naive regressives/morons that can’t face facts and care m...
may have to be quick cause apparently Luxembourg is set to fully legalize marijuana soon :d
what is ur country best at?
being a russian extension.
what is ur country best at?
bride kidnapping? :d
Right wingers
then what if I told you that I fight more with leftists than rightists? Im simply not interested in dealing with bigoted people regardless of political views that are stuck in their near impenetrable ...
Right wingers
thats not even close moron. Right wingers are the majority here. The lefties are the minority, a LOUD one.