Hi, I'm Psycho. Coming from Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Tribalism divides. Tribalism ruins. Tribalism destroys. Tribalism Kills.

-I like watching anime and playing video games
-I like geography and history
-I’m a big fan and lover of symbolism.
-I'm a Left Leaning Independent.
-I'm a solid/decent debater so you can try me. And Im far from stupid so be sure to think before blurting out
-I follow international politics and geopolitics
-Anti SJW/Woke and Anti-Alt right
-Greatly against racism (if red line is crossed) and identity politics.
-simple racial slurs aren’t going to offend me that easily (im a minority)
-I don’t judge by race, I judge by actions.

Users Im fighting wars with aka stupid people:

Forum posts
Trump bans TikTok
Cringefest times 1000
Trump bans TikTok
Idk, I think he originally planned to but then decided to outright ban the app instead.
Trump bans TikTok
Eh guess you’re right.
Trump bans TikTok
This. However at the same time after consideration, I think Microsoft buying out the US operations could have been a smarter decision for Trump since its likely the ban will face alot of pushback sinc...
Trump bans TikTok
He’s a fakeflagger from EU.
Trump bans TikTok
Yea I know, I saw. Could’ve been a smarter alternative for Trump since as much as I detested the app, the pushback from the ban will actually be big. Oh well. Too late now.
Trump bans TikTok
I don’t care, I’m glad its gone. However at the same time now that I think about it, Microsoft was considering buying out the US operations of TikTok which could’ve actually been a smarter alternative...
Videogames are a waste of time
They often are but there are more benefits of gaming than you think. Also Joe Rogan is a retard btw.
Canada actually for now, America's a ticking time bomb with polarization on steroids regarding just about everything.
western women
fucking hell :DD
western women
How much money a doctor make on your country
Nope, it’s real. 300k is an actual american doctor’s salary. Doctors are one of the highest paying jobs in America compared to other countries where they don’t have that high of a salary.
How much money a doctor make on your country
mean salary of american doctors is at least 100-300k a year.