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gla1ve picture
Gets mad because gla1ve picture on a gla1ve interview article? Astralis hater at its maximum
I could have been mugged
Buy a gun and that guy wont mess with you anymore
I dont really like sado either, but pansy is aids They should of let anders and mooses cast
Ita not easy to cast kid you need to be focused on 100 things try it Device heard the guy boosted with usp was running
dev1ce is so overrated
Not really, watch his rating are always high, ratings are combination of adr, utility damage, clutchs etcc Dev1ce always have good rating Coldzera can have 30 kill but have less rating than soneone wi...
dev1ce is so overrated
He uses the most OP weapon but still he is rlly good with everything else too Not top5 rifler like zywoo or s1mple but yes top10 and really good pistol player Not every awper has te best stats on thei...
He is really good He is not choking alot in this game like past 2 majors He played rlly good group dtage but when renegades reached playoffs he was playing weird maybe nervous Fix that and top5 player
ESL chat ban
Been banned for 2 years now because i say ooga booga
FaZe Clan isnt KRIEG dependant
Thats literally 80% of pro players, u just a faze hater Are you telling me NiKo, cold, olof cant kill with ak? Without krieg they would actually win more games Furia,100T, EG are krieg dependant not...
moose returns to eUnited lineup; vanity Benched; freak to IGL
idk dude, moose is insane probably the best player on eU but food and cooper are playing insane since he left and food took his spots vanity lacks fragging but i think he is decent igl, freakzoid is j...