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It was so cool on flashpoint tho
It's the only player i can actually watch with interest withouth making a bet
BIG vs NiP
Hm weird
How to play aggressive properly (don't try to mimic arT)
Kinda helpful, keep doing these, it may help to some intermediate players
love this guy, dunno why everyone hates him, he kinda ok
build a CIS superteam
There's no definition
build a CIS superteam
You can;t find that anywhere bro, I'm just saying it was like that 5 years ago it is like that now, as its just easier man
build a CIS superteam
bro its not like politics, this region is called cis not cause it refers to a union, its just easier to make the difference between past ussr countries
build a CIS superteam
When the write CIS they mean everyithing thats not in Eu union
I need advice
I think that having a lockdown is emergent in Russia, but people are very tired of that from Summer, so noone would do that. in russia its like 25k a day, in britain its 33k, but we literally do nothi...
I need advice
Try making music tho, like with FL studio or whatever it calls, maybe u;ll like it.
I need advice
It is indeed, check out what;s xml. U basically do some design, its pretty ez, just download android studio and google xml java design or smth. You could actually learn some programming language in 6 ...
I need advice
U playin wrong games man, prbbly need to find somethingother than cs, maybe start betting dunno, likr really low amount of money so you wont be like: "oh, i lost everything, gotta deposit 2x more now"...