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CACHE showmatch
official cache reveal: sunday 29, september 11:20 am edt 420 CET )))
TYLOO vs Invictus
TYLOO vs Invictus
how do they communicate with 2 russians and 3 chinese lmao
Aerial x aleksib
mibr new player, ence new caller and new player.. could be the other way around too tbh
Guardian Bye Bye
what is flamie doing then lol, are you seriously suggesting guardian should awp over simple? Didnt work out initially why would it now...
Latvia = Best EU Country?
little bit morbid maybe but i found it entertaining considering what everyone think of latvia xd edit: looking at the link now, whats so special about it? ex ussr panel buildings, but if you walk thr...
Latvia = Best EU Country?
the first thing i see when i click on that is an area called like what sounds similar to soltitude lol
Americans talking about freedom
At least he doesnt get sponsored by companies and shadies governments good one, everyone, and by everyone i mean literally everyone whos in any kind relevant in politics in any western country right...
lmfao as if we're not a community allready blessed with enough dumb people
Adult Germans
dont work for manufactorer itself, i do simulation and plant planning stuff in tecnomatix programs, less car manufactoring itself but the company i work for basicly builds (partly) the assembly lines ...
26 degree holy shit
temperature records were broken all over europe this summer - most noticebly germany, netherlands,belgium,france
Major in Prague
ive encountered literal human shit on the streets countless times while being there, no strays though. i joked with a friend that you can clearly see which buildings are important in prague and which...
Adult Germans
you can earn shitloads of money if you're an engineer working at manufactoring plants abroad.
Adult Germans
i guess you're doing something related to car manufactoring - 1. Which one is the nicest to live in? (architecture, cleanliness, safety, people) - worked in zuffenhausen (porsche) and Wolfsburg so f...
im pretty sure sick is also going to be cut, wouldnt be suprised if they rebuild around obo solo.