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It's kinda hard to read the game and at the same time tell what to do to ur teammates. Immo it's about getting used to it and try not to get stressed, like, don't try too hard on the calling and once ...
I do think so. If u are out of cool ideas or anything that could surprise the rivals then you just gotta go with the basics and hope you are calling the right site* or your teammates hit their shots.
But u can just say "let's do a default" or "go 3 mid, 2 stay on A" and basic stuff like that, even if it's a map u don't play.
Comparing teams
I mean, their strats are still a joke, but they have a lot of consistency with b1t on the team. Role wise, boombl4 isnt a good IGL since even S1mple sometimes was talking instead of him, and they depe...
Complexity lul?
He's actually right, he had to be the bait of BlameF and went from his comfortable role to become basically a support together with Rush.
top5 players in ur country
1. Try 2. Luken 3. Meyern 4. Kaiser 5. Don't know who else tbh.
try leaving 9z
errou dmais mano kkkkkkkkkk
I'm G2 is comparing NiKo vs the whole team, which by surprise is pretty fair since NiKo is even a better IGL than boombl4 whose only job has been listening to S1mple talking and reading a paper from h...
Then u rlly know nothing about CS. Thinking that Ropz is worst than B1t is like thinking that Broky is worst than KennyS or such mate, too delusional only cz u are a fanboy.
ropz unpopular opinion
Dude, G2 has been relevant only bcz of NiKo. Ropz literally carried Mouz when they had their worst roster of all times with Dexter and AcoR.
ropz unpopular opinion
Olof was lurker and I think anchor too. And Ropz is a lurker and idk about him being anchor, but he is an olof's improved version in terms of roles.
ropz unpopular opinion