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He represents the brazilian playstyle tho. Here in SA, brazilians usually use the tactic "just rush through everything", so i really got used to that annoying playstyle, but yeh is kind of a bother to...
Who will come close to them?
Idk, but S1mple isnt that different. Not too long ago he insulted his teammates for being bad and was toxic af. NiKo isnt toxic whatsoever, and this game against furia he didnt tilt that much, it seem...
Coldzera's interview on what will happen with FaZe. He also said that they are looking for an IGL and a 6th player.
Who will come close to them?
Niko isnt that far away tho, S1mple isnt as good as NiKo as a rifler, with AWP ofc, but not with rifle.
Cold said that kjaerbye will stay in the team xd
JW bestest of the best
NiKo streaming with G2 lineup
Yeh. I rlly like NiKo in-game because he is a beast and thats why im a "fan", but im not one of those who will defend him till the day they die, im realistic but at the same time I see sooo many peopl...
NiKo streaming with G2 lineup
I also like the players, but im not that much of a supporter of the team. I really like the way G2 manages as an org and as a team, but i'd like cold and co. to get the f out of FaZe and find a decent...
NiKo streaming with G2 lineup
LMAO, i agree with you tho. But allu said not too long ago that he didnt tell niko to not pick aleksiB, but who knows if that's true.
NiKo streaming with G2 lineup
Most people criticize NiKo just because they are haters. Even tho NiKo has part of the blame, it all started from one thing, FaZe's ridiculous and poor management when it comes to CS, no support what...
NiKo streaming with G2 lineup
Even tho NiKo is part of the blame. The whole team decided to let NiKo lead, and take the decisions. Not only that, but FaZe without NiKo hasn't achieved nothing after he was gone, and O hope they are...
NiKo streaming with G2 lineup
Actually, YnK said that neither NiKo nor the team had support the management did nothing for the team, and Faze org didn't support the team. If you support the faze org, then I won't even lose time bc...
NiKo streaming with G2 lineup
Allu said that he didn't tell NiKo to not pick Allu, so...
NiKo baiter
Stop chasing people that say facts dude xd. Rn FaZe is struggling with the same things as before, they need an IGL and they aren't getting him, and only because they sold NiKo, faze management now wil...