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Raging while gaming
I used to, but then i realized my decision making got worse. From time to time I might give some healthy comments about my team's plays but nothing too seriouse. also http://ed_wp-content_v2.s3.ama...
XBOCT xbox just says himself that they are playing bad atm so I think that pretty much over rules all your arguments.
Pretty brilliant, it seemed risky when he bought the first rapier and went straight to mid farm with it. If dk went in straight and tried to get it from him they might have got gyro killed and won the...
how can i remove "wall hack" when im watching a demo in cs:go?
You cant, if the player you're spectateing is using wallhack it shows it to you also. obviosly all the players you've been spectateing are cheaters.
World Best Countrys 2013
is you think know me?
ck+wisp mid, you cant lose it braj sprölölölölö
i value IGLs over fraggers so im gonna say element.
SteelSeries's glossy mouses
Nice to know
"Kinzufied" my Zowie FK
lol :D
Latest GOOD movies
I just watched "We're the millers" and i thought it was hillarious.
Current Wallpaper.
Gemma isnt related to rowan, here is a picture of his real daughter
Dota2 - The International Championships
dotA 2 hero help?
As the 69 said, and dont get confused how dendi plays in pro scene. he usually does a lot of weird shit.
so guys about f0rest
The shit rythm isnt that important really. But then again you should also know his diet, how many hours he sleeps per day and how many times he faps per week.
post your...
Already posted this somewhere but here it is again!