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He is not really "winning" though.. Sure he continue to be "president" However when you make it impossible for people to run against you. and attacking and putting people in prison for not supporting...
DrDisrespect STREAMING
Sad... Or well.. maybe one good thing about it. all the annoying kids can now go back to his stream so we dont have to hear them and their stupidity in other places.
Which country has goat history
Denmark. Many wont get it because many have no clue. but bassicly they where a big part of the beginning of Russia, England and so on. Danes ran and laid the Empire stones of England. So all those tha...
KFC scammed me
Open the back. look into it and see. Its just how it work, its also up to you to make sure you get what you ordered.. You made a mistake by not doing that, So if you can make mistakes so can others,...
USA ban tik-tok
Fun fact is, first of all. all these companies, american or from china or russia, do the same thing. tik tok even if they do these things, are not doing anything american companies are not doing. And...
KFC scammed me
Who would eat from there anyway. I mean that choice alone sort of made it your own fault. Also your own fault in the way that as a buyer you should always make sure you got what you buy, not because ...
My family got Coronavirus :(
99% of all people in the world will get corona virus in their lives. its bassicly impossible to go through life without getting the commen flu at some point. Ofc if you get covid-19 because of that, ...
.... Flusha... erhm...
prime Astralis vs any other team during their prime?
Yup, the best Astralis is the strongest team we ever seen so far. And those that say othjerwise have really not thought about it, or dont understand sport and progression. The sport overall has gott...