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6k hrs opinion
i maybe have some hearing loss%
6k hrs opinion
my friends make fun of me because I say I can't hear the molotov tick sound. I die in molotovs a lot because I stand too close to them :(
NiP in EPL group stage
ok maybe NIP has a chance if they have 9 players: ztr, LNZ, gEt_rIGHt, forest, nawwk, denis, hampus, REZ, twist, device
what do you prefer?
how tf do you know whether you'll look young your entire life???
NiP in EPL group stage
acor > device ropz > ztr frozen > LNZ dexter > forest bymas > REZ literally 0% chance of NIP winning, but glhf
Oh no OG
its sad if the heroic players having messed up a long time ago leads to two good teams falling apart now :( but I guess having cheaters in the scene is no good either...
ok but did you see that flick at the end? didn't look as good on the replay, but in the match it looked insane
Cold was the problem (?
faze secretly playing from lan and faking webcams to make it look like they are online??? sus
GG Wp Faze!
I remember a broky flick How does he always miss the first couple of shots in a round, and then turns around and hits some nutty flick?
dumbest roster changes so far in 2021?
gade lowkey is the most handsome pro, so +gade can only be a good move
Elon Musk REKT german politican
german politicians be like "we gotta shut down nuclear energy because otherwise everybody will die in a disaster" and then turn around and say "we can't shut down coal because of all the jobs". kinda ...
Developers come
For real though, after learning a bunch of languages I've stuck with C for the longest now (I've only been programming for 7 years though, only 2 professionally, so maybe I'll change my mind when I ha...
Developers come
My username is more based than yours, so obviously my advice is better
Developers come
C++ is crazy, just learn C All the extra features in C++ just add mental overhead and get in the way