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G2 niko is good but ...
His point is that you don’t understand cs and jackz is a really good entry fragger and according to hunter one of the best team mates he could ever had
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Need a new keyboard
the hyperX alloy fps is the most used by cs pros and it's a really good keyboard. You also have the 80% version which is the hyperX alloy fps pro and it's a very good keyboard I've been enjoying it an...
Mibr will never win a map again
They're losing to a team that has officially been together for 7 days. Let that sink in.
Singularity 1-2 MiBR
They're losing to a team that has officially been together for 9 days. Let that sink in.
Complexity vs Natus Vincere
+1 mibr likes to do those type of strats aswell
Intel or AMD ?
What does being head IT for an airport has anything to do with which pc parts are the best for cs? On paper, AMD is better in quality-price for cheaper prices, does your friend even play video-games?
YOOO wtf thx so much man, not all hero wear capes
I think that the squad they have is more than capable of winning both la liga and champions league. It really is up to how he will do things imo.
That's true 15 years is a lot of time to get experience. Tbh I think he will succeed but not get past the semi-finals next year
alanzoka > shroud
As someone who understands both and isn’t biased I don’t know if I can agree tbh. It’s really up to personal taste and even tho alanzoka is funny and really entertaining + good at the majority of the ...
worst final ever ?
"at least"