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girls come
depends on the women, only squirters do that
its the sequence 2^(2^n) for n>=0, ez
u chose the three first numbers randomly and then you added the middle two digits and combined the three digits that you get after that (4+1=5 and you assemble 2 5 and 6 to get 256), ez
nofap 7day or nofood 7day?
no cs 7 days is harder
Trump mental breakdown
nt when we go back to LAN big will go back to being a top30 team as usual
Trump mental breakdown
your onliner team will get rekt by zywoo tomorrow you nazi
Trump mental breakdown
good grief, so indeed you didn't get what he meant at all he didn't said that testing is bad you peanut brain, in fact he's implying that the testing in the US is much better than elsewhere (not sayi...
Trump mental breakdown
wtf it looks like you're answering to someone else, your responses have no link to what I'm saying I'm saying that you shouldn't mistake the number of detected cases with the number of covid infected...
endgame xm1 if you're an ambidextrous claw grip kind of guy or pwnage ultra custom wireless if you're more of an ergo palm grip user
Trump mental breakdown
the number of detected cases = the number of people that have been tested positive with covid 19, which is not the same as the actual number of people that have covid ?? Because not everyone gets test...
Trump mental breakdown
yes ? what didn't you understand in my post ?
Trump mental breakdown
He is right, it's common sense. The number of cases that you hear on the news is actually the number of detected cases, and when you test more you detect more... People are retarded enough to mistake ...
syrsoN will make top 20 in 2020
did big ever played against top teams on LAN this year ?
syrsoN will make top 20 in 2020
maybe if the whole year stays online otherwise no
syrsoN OW banned
he has all the timings it's retarded