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"Vitality top 1"
??? Liquid got grand slam + won a lot of t1 lans, how is it worse XD
Astralis #1
navi top3 XDD
please kick ynk
250k $$ for alex is overpriced? xd
please kick ynk
NiKo said. “I mean there was one obvious choice in Aleksib, but we have asked around to see if he would fit our team and we basically decided he isn’t the right fit for us so we will not be getting Al...
please kick ynk
I'm pretty sure they tried to bring aleksib but having money doesn't mean u can buy whatever u want xd
Cloud9 future
Yeah and 90% of players on your list are in good team/under contract xd Gl buying out xyp9x from his own org xd
FaZe new MIBR
and why would they replace issaa for rain xd
Complexity major
well, DH open Fall will be the last tournament from RMR and u can get there up to 2500 points so getting top4 should be enough to qualify for major.
>The Turkish AWPer has reportedly been placed on the bench as a result of a poor attitude >bad behaviour doesn't mean he was toxic https://twitter.com/chrisJcsgo/status/1299758816150654976 also this x...
woxic is toxic? who said that xd
How many teams from your country were top1? =D
so that's how it works in football xd
name most loved csgo players
>most loved player >hunden who was taking every single walkover if it was possible in tricked even tho enemy team were late only 5 minutes XD Choose one.
as thorin said, godsent/his family/friends were trying to force him to go to the hospital or they are that stupid to give back ceo seat to a ill man xd