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Hackers in FPL-C
I'm not sure but I think Mikey or someone else from faceit staff asked woro to come to UK and play on LAN but he refused
Hackers in FPL-C
He got kicked from fplc already :)
Spirit vs AVANGAR
14:15, 4v5, good weapons, good utility - lets stack one site! XD
Liquid team Krieg
So, long range map + OP weapon with scope Why would they choose ak instead of sg XD
"someone who is actually free agent" But u know it doesn't matter if he's free agent or not beacuse it is only for one match? XD
"furia plays ak too" >5x rifle on t side >5x sg XD
Insane amount? Probably around 150-200k$, still it's not a big deal to organization such as mibr
But u know 5 year contract doesn't mean he will stay in furia for 5 years? XD Other organizations can buyout him
Fnatic retarded?
Brazilian calling someone 3rd world What a irony
Fnatic retarded?
https://gyazo.com/718858d22ffeee3c6b0d5117dedb0037 Wouldn't call it bad train tbh xD
wow, 1 major victory, and 2 weeks after that they lost to some tier10 na team xD
NA team getting caried by EU player LUL
i Tell jokes cs
NA winning major
faceit come here
U are 100% right but not about cheaters. 5 man premades vs teams made up of randoms is pretty bad, but playing against 5 premade where 2 guys have 3300 elo and 3 other 1200-1500 is even worse xD
faceit come here
Is shit? Okey, go buy then most popular cheat like aimware or something like that and use it on faceit. U will get insta ban. U have to spend like I don't know, maybe +200$ on private cheat if u want ...