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Immense in my girth, erect I stand tall
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girls with big foreheads
ur mother
girls with big foreheads
mia khalifa
girls with big foreheads
girls with big foreheads are ok, but small foreheads are 100x worse looking. it looks so bad
look how popular GTA RP is now on twitch again. Summit had 100k viewers today. Although I dont enjoy RP, it's impressive how large it has gotten on twitch.
thorin destroy valorant
game looks like it was made for kids
gta rp
people are more invested in watching GTA RP than they are their own lives, its really sad that this has become an acceptable form of entertainment. The more I think about it, the sadder it is really.
Astralis cant win without lucky wall smoke kills
you're right, they won by cheating and no one cared
coL Elmapuddy ?
it wont matter. cs has gotten to a point where not even lineup changes fix anything.
Tap water
haha! hunnid bro hunnid
your height
178cm 25yo
Single people aged 25 and more
true, I pretty much never see girls around unless im shopping for food, but if the moment ever comes up and it seems right maybe ill try
Single people aged 25 and more
do you feel creepy doing that though? ive seen girls be hit on and they look so uncomfortable. one of my only friends hits on girls a lot, he's the opposite as me, hes extroverted. But I always think ...
Single people aged 25 and more
my problem is that I HATE failing, so much so that i never even try. If i try something and fail it bothers me for a long time and I never get over it lol. humiliation is 100x worse for me, thats such...