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just did 285+ kmph on the Autobahn
i remember looking at the g29 wheel with the shifter and foot pedals, you can get it a lot cheaper second hand on facebook marketplace and most i saw were in brand new condition still. I know if i buy...
just did 285+ kmph on the Autobahn
i wish i could enjoy racing games like i used to, infact i wish i could enjoy anything 😢
just did 285+ kmph on the Autobahn
one day im gonna join 300km/h club on public roads, one of my goals in life. Australia doesnt really have any cars that are capable of doing it unless you spend stupid money. Was thinking an fpv f6 wi...
whoever needs to fap right now
i dont even find her remotely attractive, honest truth. basic bitch
Work, eat & sleep
i dont know when i think about what the point of it all is i get upset even more since i cant find a reason for it. i dont even do anything on weekends, i just stay in my room all day on my computer, ...
Cats or dogs ?
cats easily. many reasons but i also think they're much better since they don't smell horrendous. people will say "bUt mY dOg dOeSNt StInK I BaTh iT" bitch your dog still stinks i dont care.
Work, eat & sleep
can you explain it a bit to me
Work, eat & sleep
thats for office jobs, many jobs are a lot more hours than that. when i was a beverage delivery driver i would do 12 hours a day minimum. i remember at one point i would start at 6am and finish at 9pm...
40.000 HOURS
probably just leaves his pc and dota on all day
i’ll get beaten up
they gonna get u one way or another, guys are dumb as fuck when it comes to girls. slut shaming needs to grow, we cannot let these thots destroy teenage and younger adult males anymore.
what race r u
ur not edgy and no one likes you, back to reddit u go
what race r u
i am race against time to find reason to live before jump off tall building without parachute race
My skins are gone
they belong to the abyss now
Perfect Girl
u think shes some natural innocent girl dont you, sorry to ruin it for u but she would be about as loose as a spoon in custard
person you admire the most
shes ugly thot, cheap plastic tease