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Godsent +2 / VirtusPro -1
hltv staff is all astralis fans, avangar (now VP) made it to the berlin finals, too close for comfort, now they punish avangar (VP). simple as that
smooya LMAO
C9 6th?
Cloud9's 5th and 6th
yeah no lmao
Next NA team to win a major
yes but no lol. i see what you mean but liquid does have a tendency to crawl into their own skin when it comes to major playoffs or even late group stages. i think the pressure really gets to them and...
Next NA team to win a major
the boyssssssss. i love the spirt from aussie fans. but honestly i feel like the boys only really show up in the playoffs or late groups in majors. kinda like last major where they played lights out i...
liquid signed actor?
so what does he do outside of acting? does he stream or something?
haha he may be a strange fellow but he sure can play some csgo
yeah being a pro in this day and age is confusing im assuming lol.
hes probably in purgatory right now when it comes to valorant and csgo which really sucks as a player cause you are so stuck on if you should continue playing a really good game which you love but not...
#5 hopefully he goes lights out against lulquid to further prove my point lol
yeah im aware, im just making this post to hopefully put some people onto this guy cause i like the CSGO im seeing from him. Especially playing against a team like mythic which arent the most skilled ...
NIVERA is oBo 2.0
HAHA it does wtf
Luminosity "Big announcements"
well they did say almost a month ago that they wanted to get back into csgo heavily so idk. hopefully they do, great org
RIP C9 tbh
2/8 bait. you could of done better. i know youre capable mens