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"Astralis is still top1"
"last years" . And I wasn't watching CSGO at that time so idk and idc
"Astralis is still top1"
Cry is never free, saying that implies childish thinking. Astralis isn't deserving of the top 1 spot anymore. Device didn't deserve top 3 spot in the last years, he was carried by his teammates to far...
Astralis disband
+1 Or at least get an upgrade and kick ecovice
HLTV game knowledge
I think you are just mad because device is bad
"Astralis is still top1"
"Astralis top 1" "device top 3" - Things delusional people say regularly
"Astralis best team in the world"
NA pls save us
EU scene in 2020: "LMAO CIS and NA not practicing with us, they have no skills and don't deserve places in tournaments" EU scene in 2021: "OMGGGG LIQUID VIRTUS PRO SPIRIT AND GAMBIT SO STRONG WTF ONL...
Vp top1?
No just Astralis not top1 ez math
"Astralis best team in the world"
They can buy number 1 spot in HLTV but they can't buy another smoke exploit :(
"Astralis best team in the world"
Where are all the device fanboys 🤐🤐🤐
ASTRALIS tier 2 oficially
Astralis ranked 1 because they pay HLTV staff confirmed
"Astralis best team in the world"
"Astralis best team in the world"
HLTV ranking crew where you at? Why so quiet????
ecovice to VALORANT???
He has 0% chance of succeeding in Valorant. He doesn't know any angle + would be hard for him to find a fully Danish super-team to carry his angle holding super technique. Astralis should ditch him t...
Imagine saying that about a player in Astralis who isn't device