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Absolutely . We have more issues to resolve and better decisions to make rather then talking about war and who'll win . Or giving a penny to every dog that barks at every single step we take . Whats ...
Dayumm this big an article and all i saw was @zeeow1 fighting a lone battle for kashmir ...sure one or two more kicked in here and there for his support .. See that's the story of Pakistan mostly ..o...
Is Hiko a legend?
Shox can't frag and he's slow ?..hahaha which world are you in ...that guy still has better kdr and impact rating then most pros ... he's not insane as to when he was under other igls.. (same with nik...
Kscerato (rifler) Fallen (awp+igl) Coldzera (hybrid) Fer (rifler) Lucas (rifler) The best Brazilian lineup.. keeping problems aside .. xD Teams flop because of bad anchors in ct side (taco out)
Is Hiko a legend?
I wouldn't say hiko is a legend ..yeah he was good back then ..with his clutches ..but he never won anything great .. he was like good in finding talents who would play better then him and achieve mor...
G2's problem
Hands down -lucky should happen ...and why wait till the major .. G2 can use a player before the major and see how he can perform at the big stage because we have all seen how lucky frags ..+kio ( if ...
best lineup alltime
s1mple (awp)- clutch meister Niko (entry) clutch meister Gla1ve (igl) insane utilities Shox (lurk) clutch meister Xyp9x (entry) clutch meister
G2 > VItality
Obviously g2 is greater then Vitality in term of firepower U got kennyS and shox and the new talent jackz + amenak is chipping in too Vitality is all about zywoo and when this team was made one tho...