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50kg bench press (bar)
Then kys and let the guy lift
Jermens & Brasileiros
We actually love eachother
Brazil schools ban meat
Great, more paternalism and economic illiteracy it's what we all need
What is your _WORKOUT_ routine ?
but you swim
No Nut November Checkup
Guys I failed it last night cuz I had insomnia and fapping made it easier for me to sleep :((
Netherlands is f*cked
Also on roads a slow driver blocks the flow and makes life harder for everyone since people will naturally try to overcome him
Netherlands is f*cked
Here in Brazil we have avenues that should be at least 60 km/h but they cap it at 40 km/h so they farm ticket money and make it easier for bandits to rob us.
Jonathan E = ELiGE?
But Jonathan is spanish while Elige is polish! So wtf!
South Asia CS
Forsaken was very good even with 300 ping
Smart and Friendly
Very friendly nation specially that popular reporter Borat and Adren major MVP! Also good weightlifting country so very smart!
Smart and Friendly
Haven't met anyone from NK but that little fat guy that likes rockets seems very smart and friendly to Dennis Rodman!
Smart and Friendly
Indeed! Also very friendly name to belgians, who are also smart and friendly af!
Smart and Friendly
They are very friendly specially to Russians! See how NAVI has russians in their team and they play well together (great teamplay and tactics)
Smart and Friendly
Netherlands very friendly specially at Wandersexxx and smart with West India Company!
Smart and Friendly
Thats good to know guy from Indonesia! Nice to see there is yet another smart and friendly nation!