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did you get bullied
This kid punched me in the nuts so I punched him in the throat teacher saw it did nothing because everyone knew that kid was a white trash cunt.
UPDATED country tier list (official)
You think Saudi Arabia, South Africa & Iran are better places to live than Myanmar??? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH German brain logic.
changes to cs go
1) Change Terrorists and CT to Offensive Side (OF) and Defensive side (DS) we need more sponsors. 2) Increase prize pool for Majors 3) Change the shit matchmaking rank system. Winning 8 games in a row...
Best superhero movie?
1) Dark Knight 2) Captain America:Winter Soldier 3) Infinity War
Expected from leftist self haters haha
Thanks for the information man I learned a lot, but I do agree leftists are like parasites they always weaken the host the host in this case being a country.
Aren't the gangs weaker? Police always shoot and kill the robbers and drug dealers there's so many videos of it on the internet.
Girls with short hair
Short hair on woman is like man boobs on guys short answer no one likes it long answer no one likes it.
Best csgo match ever?
Astralis vs North Dreamhack Stockholm finals.
Losing 16-2
EU CS omegalul
BR Coach clapped EU.
Daps dumb af
Imagine thinking Koosta is better than Mixwell at awping Polish Brain.
MIBR vs Cloud9
We will see.
MIBR vs Cloud9
If Zews hits his shots MIBR win.
For real Zews was awping out of his mind though.