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NIP bots
Dude Nip havent won a single tournament since 2017. They are fucking trash and you know it
NiP vs Liquid
Its okay that you are proud of your country. But you cant deny that Nip is traaaash and has been for like 2-3 years
NiP vs Liquid
I seriously hope Nip disband. Like for real, they havent won a single tournament since 2017 hahaha. And dont get me started on their ct side overpass, god they are trash
Denmark disgust me
Someone is mad that EG and Liquid is out of the tournament i see =)
Wins 5 times in a row "Luck" Yea okay bro a bit salty?
Natus Vincere vs Evil Geniuses
Oh okay. Ty =)
Natus Vincere vs Evil Geniuses
Is EG out of the tournament?
chrisj smoking weed?
They should honestly remove him from the squad. I've only seen him perform well like 1 or 2 times. And dont come at me with "He has a different role which means he doesnt get a lot of frags" Even on c...
mousesports vs Liquid
I honestly dont get why Mousesports havent kicked Chrisj yet. He underperforms like 95% of the time
US explain
The only reason you are saying that is because the US is trash at the game
Yea, if Astralis werent as good as they are, then it would be either Liquid or Eg winning everything
EU only has 1 team that is actually able to beat Liquid and EG and thats Astralis.
fnatic vs Evil Geniuses
Holy fuck golden is so bad, how he actually earns money by being a "pro" is mindblowing to me
Aww, sad that your favorite team cant beat them? =)
EG 2-0
Yea you totally arent lying