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NRG vs Renegades
Woth two standins, one being bot Cutler 😂
Looking for a video
Na I don't think so, maybe but I'm not able to see the video there haha. I'll keep looking, thanks boss :D
Looking for a video
Hahaha, no. I'll be more specific, he took sounds from interviews and such. Most notably "pasha london school". XD
Looking for a video
Thanks but no thanks Dad. :(
players who can rival s1mple's skill when they are peaking.
There's no comparison, simple is on his own level. Anyone who thinks there's a player as individually skilled or that has the ability to match him are out of their mind.
RENEGADES most overrated team?
Imagine Ence beating RNG at the major lul
ingrown toenail
Only in extreme cases will you require surgery, the procedure I'm referring to would be 15 minutes at the doctors and a bandage on your toe for a few days.
ingrown toenail
Home remedies typically won't work. The only option is to see a gp, have a local anesthetic applied to the area and have that part of the nail removed.
coldzera will leave mibr for international team
Why? I don't think he's good enough to play in an international team anymore. His best results come from using taco as bait and that doesn't work anymore. He's past his time lol, it'd be a waste of ti...
Real rappers imo, discuss
I'd rather listen to Miley cyrus on repeat for 10 hours while dragging my nuts through shards of glass.
Real rappers imo, discuss
Roflmao, rap is dogshit. /thread
Carnage fe vs paiN fe
Easy for AU.
AWP should be removed
I wouldn't mind seeing the scope delay again, I think that'd fix the awp.
Viva Algeria vs Chiefs
You said it was their first game ever together, so obviously they just pugged that game right? Yes, I'm definitely going to make the comparison because pug lords tend to surprise when there's no way ...
Viva Algeria vs Chiefs
Is that all you have? How exciting, let me find your scene so I can make comparisons. Didn't Astralis lose a faceit game to 5 randoms?