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G2 +Yekindar pls
VP without Yekindar major finalists?
Vini is leaving the roster though. Furia have made it clear he isnt in their plans for next year so its still gotta be +saffee +??
Best rifler of all time
Honestly I have to question how much is Boombl4 doing for these young players. What are the chances 2 young players (B1t perfecto) come from no where and just dominate tier 1. I dont rate Boombl4 that...
As a kennyS fan
Dev1ce perfect example, his playstyle sets him up for the easy shots and kenny needs to adapt to do the same if he cant do his combat awp style any more.
kennyS is using black bars again
I was gonna say I find it easier to tunnel vision on black bars
"Old NiP had less competition"
People wanna shit on NiP look at the success that they had at IEM oakland 2017 when they had 3 out of 5 of the core. That was probably when competition was at its highest give or take. Faze clan had t...
Hutji and Keshandar were on vega squadron before the core moved to spirit and deadfox was on Hell raisers back around 2019 I believe
liquid 2022?
Honestly the rumoured EG roster is complete fire. Stew NAF Brehze Cerq compared to the Liquid rumoured roster of Elige Nitr0 Shox Vini Osee
Liquid 5th
Starters wanna just say 100% a RL fan or Thooorin by the approach youve taken. I think that Stewie NAF Brehze and Cerq is a solid 4 but they need a more supportive element to round out the squad if th...
All of the BIG players have praised how much Tizian does for the team would be surprised if they let him go. Remember Syrson and Tabsen specifically praising him in the BIG clan content.
NAVI era soon?
Gambit won most of there events at the start of the year if im correct so if navi pick up the next 3 events going into early 2021 then we can begin to discuss era
What if
This made me laugh too much
-mirage +train
Agreed but imagine if old cobble came back
I have seen Stewie played with Brehze Tarik and Rush for a fun cup thing so if Stew plans on playing with Tarik and Rush maybe a rebuild of Old Optic / C9 and NAF wants to go back to Tarik and Rush id...