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Thats not an excuse for Device missing such easy shots at the minute. Actually appears he didnt wanna try as hard so moved to NiP and isnt putting in the work individually
NIP is the most hated?
He is mediocre on NiP at best. On Astralis amazing player of all time possibly number 1 in CSGO but in NiP he isnt even a top 20 player
Dev0ce without gla1ve
I honestly couldnt say. I just think that Device hasnt been a good player on NIP like he is probably the same tier as Poizon for CoL
Stop EG bullying
The best in NA doesnt make them good rofl. In EU they are top 10 at best. If Cerq and Brehze found form they could easily rival liquid.
Stop EG bullying
Liquid right now arent even good. If EG managed to get Brehze and Cerq in form whilst Obo continues performing they could stomp liquid.
Dev0ce without gla1ve
I wouldnt say he sucks but right now he is not a Ronaldo calibre player
Dev0ce without gla1ve
I noticed that Device has turned NiP into a better team but they have turned him into a way worse player. Like kennyS got so much shit on G2 or missing easy shots when Device is literally missing the ...
csgo sitting posture
JDM just alpha as fuck man. Guys perfected the position so that he can micro nap between rounds
So the fact that an international superteam has not won a major means that they do not work what so ever? No? Alot of international teams have banged. 2017/2018 Faze. Old mouse with Oskar sunny ect. C...
Jemi Benched!!
I guess but just doesnt make sense from the org either way. Like how is a coach gonna be a good fit. Like even get an FPL player temporarily or something. Anyone is better than a coach. Like chances a...
Jemi Benched!!
Highly doubt he just got so angry. Although would kinda be funny dude starts flipping tables or something lmao
Jemi Benched!!
Honestly I think I could do a better job than some of the management at some teams. Like the management at so many teams is awful. They dont know esports and looking at some of the things they do they...
Jemi Benched!!
Yeh but it gives you a chance to prove to the team (in this case Havu) that you are a good player and also to other teams that you're worth picking up. If anything it would motivate me more knowing im...
Jemi Benched!!
I never understood the mindset. We are benching a player because of poor performance so in the meantime the coach will fill in. Just tell the player we are looking for someone else in the meantime you...