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Armenia wtf
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lol +1
why not bro. avangard furia top10. they just won 1 event. but with this team top 5 imposible.
kick tizian and smoya + k1to + good supporter big top 5 tizian someday good someday bad. not stable. this is not good. smoya it is not like the old one. in germany there are very good awp players. ...
if big win
not unlucky men. first half 11-4 they win ct side first round. just 4 round. if big win nuke really they can win inferno. because xantares couldnt play nuke. playing but not good. also tizi. he couldn...
if big win
i d k mens)) not good
if big win
allready lose fuckin trash clan
if big win
lmao what happens if we use 100 percent of our brains ?
i d k man :(
still god. today big like a shit. not only tabsen.
‘bro’ in your country
kardeş, gardaş
leaving germany in the future
Let me give you an example from where I live. i live ankara in turkey capital. the house I live in is above average by country standards. school, subway, shopping malls, hospitals briefly everything i...
leaving germany in the future
west side. izmir,çanakkale, actually antalya . bodrum a little expensive but you can buy very good home with 70k euro. i told you bro 1 euro= 6 +- turkish lira.
leaving germany in the future
yes ofc. 70-100 k euro you can buy easy villa bro. if you have 150-200k euro you can get the most beautiful villa in the most beautiful place. I don't live near the sea but i know. you can buy bro