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2019 top 1 strawpoll
ez 4 zinedine zywoo
top10 players
1. zywoo 2. device 3. s1mple 4. elige 5. twistzz 6. Brehze 7. Magisk 8. Eletronic 9. cerq 10. jks
Is ZywOo cheating?
look at the clip closely. that aimlock was not a mouse lifting moment for sure not. not the one through smoke the one through the wall
in brazil we say "Tarik do céu" wen anyone miss a spray . its funny Tarik do céu = OMG tarik / oh gosh tarik moment that was eternalized:
FalleN XD
I made the same face when I saw this topic
ill tell you ur iq
1. Fallen 2. yes, they deserve it 3. hamburger 4. CSGO, COD and Astroneer 5. m4a4 >> 6. day mode 7. Pepperoni
Favorite mobile game?
Clash royale for sure. But all supercell game are good
Dembele is terrible, the worst mistake Barcelona did was not bring Neymar back to the team this season. from grizzman i think is the valverde doing shit with him
Barcelona have great players, but their coach is so bad that they make great players play really bad. and messi can't do everything alone.
ZywOo doing jetski
zywoo is fonomenal
Clash royale Poggers, i was 5600 trophies btw. its a god game for mobile
Who is better
Android just Google pixel, but apple is better
CS GO Messi, who?
he highest peak ever of football is Ronaldinho for sure
I don't think Pele is overrated, he did amazing things at the time and has a big influence on how big football is today. The post of King of football is deserved. But I still believe that when it come...