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If muslims are peaceful
I think it's kinda pervert to go around and ask children's age online.
Louis Vuitton <3
I don't see it as a good way to spend money. I can keep my cash and cards in a 10e wallet just as well as in a 200e one. I have no need to show off my money with some idiotic designer bags, wallets, s...
Betting truth READ
Quit betting and start investing.
turkey hate in reddit
And justified.
Louis Vuitton <3
+1 People consuming shitloads of money on useless shit like that and then complaining they are broke. I laught at them every time I invest in stocks and index funds and enjoy the money flow.
Louis Vuitton <3
Nice, you just purchased some overpriced leather.
acne medicine doesn't work
Just look at Simple's face, he's got the money but he still has the scars. You just gotta live with it and accept you as you are. Plus when you grow older things like that matter even less.
national dish in your country
Fries. French fries. With ketchup.
I suggest you get yourself familiar with different drugs.
El Camino discussion (spoilers)
7/10. Didn't fall asleep but it didn't raise any emotions.
Maikelele actual flat earther?
You seem like an exhausting person.
What Business do you do?
Main job an engineer. Investing as a hobby.
Greta haters come
She might be right with the climate change and global warming, but I'm not gonna let a fucking kid tell me what to do.
GTR next team ?
Hopefully no team. That cry baby needs to retire for good.
hen1 and lucas1
They both look like retarted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.