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3 Best players from your country?
what your rank? or faceit lvl/elo?
Its a lot playing man go pro if ur 15
depends when u started playing. Better mesurment is how much hours u played per day. I have 3955 hours in game (5100 steam but they also count afk time) and started playing december 2013 so its 2368da...
Come if you have TATTOO
yea its more like addiction.
Ence 100% winrate
no lol XD
Come if you have TATTOO
Nah nah iam not talking about you. Iam just talking overally about my opinion on tattos. If i ever have a good reason to make a tattoo id do it myself.
What do you think Olof will do??
i hope he streams. His streams were one of best in csgo history alongside pasha legendary streams with 30k viewers. Now s1mple get 20k for being good in game/toxic and people learn from him how to act...
r8 asian girl
boy face
Come if you have TATTOO
I never understand tattos just to look nice. U cant donate blood if someone is in need. It look stupid. Like bro u work in fucking corpo 9-5 job why u have fucking valhalla tattoed on your hand. U don...
NiKo in music video
wtf?? why they put its there its so random. Some booties and plant the bomb wtf XD
China wat doink!
yea bro i agree but there is no way 1-2 bilion people gonna agree in same thing. We are made to fight with eachother. Thats our nature.
China wat doink!
agree. no chance to change it. people like it that way. if i had to choose what "being" i can be on earth id probably go with some big ass fish or shark. Just chillin in water eating small fish