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Starladder predictions
I don't think thats the how Format works. I think (If all your predictions are correct) after EG 1-2 Fnatic, G2 will Replay Fnatic then the winner of that goes to the grand final to play Renegades. Th...
did u know geography...
Panama in my top 5 favourite flags
New G2
[TIP] How to trigger your country ?
[TIP] How to trigger your country ?
Why is it effective if a Chilian or Mexican says it
G2 vs Navi
I'm a G2 fan but also a realist. I see NaVi winning 2-0, maybe 2-1 if a Nexa, Jackz or Kenny pop off on a map. The only way I see G2 actually winning is if they all pop off and have some insane indivi...
Nah mate it has been dragged out enough already just get an alright deal and leave
I think 99% of us have stopped following brexit tbh. I think most people just want to get it over with and leave
Female CS
I mean fair play to them getting there but they are playing against some solid teams Avangar, Heroic and Hard Legion (ex-DreamEaters) and also are playing with a stand-in (Blackie standing in for Mis...
G2 vs Windigo
I assume G2s insta ban is still mirage even after the addition of Nexa and Hunter
Top 3 Players From Your Country
Good thing they asked for top 3 bc I couldnt think of another pro cs player from the UK
Hong kong revolution
Wait what did I miss I hear about what Blizzard did banning that player and casters but what did the NBA do?
I'm from England AMA
Where in England are you from?
im french AMA
Do you like/even tried the stereotypical french foods like snails and frog legs? Just asking to see if it's even common anymore