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Worst and best roster moves 2019
Worst and best roster moves 2019
Except their demands wasn't even that selfishly beneficial to them, and more about expecting something normal from their government? You know, asking them to be responsible for their actions (police) ...
ONLY University students allowed
3.5/4 in a University (specifically study program) with acceptance rate of only 4%.
But they already demanded 5 things, is that really difficult of an options to fulfill in comparison to the continuity of the whole shitstorm?
Nice, you're not disturbed by the little bait. I actually figured about that way long time ago before it erupted into this kind of scale, similar to your points about what if the protesters are indee...
So you just stay there doing nothing? Ofc there's better option, but do you even have the slightest idea of what is that?
Nice fake flagger. Maybe once the police stop tormenting & killing people.
Next Major
All I hope nobody is under performing, and we can truly see the battle of the titans.
best csgo mouse?
+1 named as G304 if you're in my region tho.
Best Major MVP?
I agree with another comment way above in which he states almost everyone in that team a big contender for the MVP. Def the tightest MVP selection.
Best Major MVP?
And he almost managed to bring different team with him to another win, even when his fragging capability tanked so bad.
Best CS Lineup All Time?
I can't believe there's someone still arguing Astralis lineup during 2018 till early 2019. I guess people are still going to find ways to downplay you no matter how amazing you are.
Imagine still defending ENCE at this point.
FURIA vs Envy
Who's laughing now?