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fnatic vs mousesports
Even as a Liquid fan i gotta say its refreshing to watch some other contenders. This end of the year is so competitive I love it. If I am right about that, if Mouz wins (2-0 up right now), there are...
fnatic vs mousesports
I don't know how ESLs ranking is right now, but isnt Liquid Nr. 2 right now? After this tournament they will drop after fnatic then but will probably stay above eg
fnatic vs Heroic
Jet lag somehow ist no Joke, right? vs FaZe
The thing is that teams like rengades and furia are way better right now than faze, mibr and mouse. You could even argue better than NaVi but this one is edgy.
fnatic vs FURIA
I think it is fair in a way but i cannot tell you how :)
fnatic vs FURIA
Imma say 2-1 against Furia but 1-2 in the final against EG if they are on form.
fnatic vs FURIA
Oh okay. They lost to renegades in the group stage upper bracket, fought themself out of the groupstage lower bracket and somehow were in upper bracket for playoffs then again. I agree. This format is...
fnatic vs FURIA
I know that fnatic was in the upper bracket and lost in the upper bracket final against EG what makes them drop to the lower bracket(/consolidation final). I am not sure who else they lost to. By my u...
Invictus vs mousesports
Liquid vs Grayhound
Liquid vs OpTic
Optic dropped out on Friday. Liquid was still in NY on sunday as they were forced to play in the Showmatch
Liquid vs OpTic
Optic was out of the tournament on Friday. Liquid was still there on sunday for the Cache showmatch. So they had just one day to get from NY to Malmö. Sure its not an excuse if they continue to play a...
Liquid vs Astralis
Looking at that grand final, Astralis might not reach it aswell. :D
Evil Geniuses vs G2
Liquid vs Astralis
Well yes. Or Astralis wins 2-1 or the Arena catches fire and the matches get cancelled or a comet goes down on New York get it, right? ;)