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the user blessedMMMA
proud of you
the user blessedMMMA
1iq user aka spamming nonsense on every thread to sta relevant
ROAST ME blessed edition
not bad
another girl thread
born 99 lmfao
Make Liberals Cry Again
Dating advice
if you're good looking girls will write you first, they will do everything to keep the conversation alive.
another girl thread
there is no solution in this matter, it's just how things developed in our society. i just wanted to rant a little, thats all basically.
Fragrances for Winter
Absolutely, ill get one after christmas for sure.
Fragrances for Winter
Its alright i guess, not the best one i've had in term of winter scents. Ill get a tom ford next, always wanted to try one but never wanted to spend so much for a fragrance.
Fragrances for Winter
vince camuto virtu and jpg ultra male for the winter.
another girl thread
hes saying that the best looking guys get to fuck the most chicks while the average and below average looking guys have to breed with the rest/get them after their best years are gone.
Fragrances for Winter
used eros when i was younger, definitely a great scent, recommended for clubbing. and every male with a good taste should have a bottle of ultra male in his collection
Im the most Alpha hltv user
hard to believe since you never leave your basement.
Im the most Alpha hltv user
very poorly written, not funny just cringe expected absolutely nothing else from you.
another girl thread
looks > everything stop being bluepilled bro, the reality is different.