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DreamEaters vs HAVU
XD doesnt matter if they save stratas u wanna have a chance vs proper teams in major this game should be ez playing b rush only
Gambit Youngsters vs Illuminar
u must be retarded if u think that a tournament arranged by bettingsite no backup from valve where many players participating earn more from friends betting money/skins than tournament win/contract. ...
Swedish plz help
look up komvux / nti studies (online) if u already arrived
Swedish plz help
where u from? fakeflag or real murica? if afghani or rapist from mena shithole pls dont
NRG vs DreamEaters
rng player if u see this pls in 5v1 / 4v1 tk with knife to make a statement that shiteaters dont belong here 0-3
Lucid Dream vs ViCi
what did u get??
DreamEaters vs HAVU
u and me should look up where these fuckers bootcamp and demand our money from lootbet throwgame back :D i was full tilted for two days straight
DreamEaters vs HAVU
DE bunch of cocksuckers 5v4 in most crucial round of the game, kills teammate with knife, round after 3v2 on site, all three die to the same guy without trading. Blatant matchfixing, hope they go 0-...
Envy vs ATK
Coinflip game
Pls, rigged games are obv
Lol gambling toxic as fuck lets be honest but u can make some good money with proper discipline, i wonder how often this occurs in other top level sports like pl la liga etc, probably not often at all...
Pls, rigged games are obv
i think most of the teams in these smaller tournaments, not every team but many earns more from letting friends bet and them getting big portion of the profit or betting for skins.
Pls, rigged games are obv
U too<3
Pls, rigged games are obv
Free, lootbet.com for download
Pls, rigged games are obv
I wont on tier4 cs anymore, cant wait for majors tho
Pls, rigged games are obv
30% of my bankroll :)