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BCko xd
Classic 0.9 k/d trash
BCko xd
top 5 hltv users
Dimitrii, his IQ is extremely high and he isn't a spoiled brat at all.
AMA Solo queue global
I got to 2800 soloq on 60hz monitor 8)
s1mple VS ZYWOO
s1mple he are flick but the zywoo he are spray more... he spray spray spray.. u see nrg overpass toilet he he are spray, first 2 then 3 get ace.. so for the best.. maybe zywo do more
Minecraft creator
What the fuck are you talking about LMAO, it's nowhere near as good or even perception changing as MDMA for example. And it's probably uncomparable to heroin, not that i've ever tried it, but when it...
Not really, as a person who absolutely loves speed, i aknowledge the fact cocaine is much, much more addictive aswell as harmful. (talking about amphetamine speed, since i see a lot of people confusi...
I fucking love speed (amphetamine), comedowns can be extremely shitty, but if you actually eat before or force yourself to eat something, you'll be fine. Coke is a rich man's drug, at least in my pla...
If a woman hits you
How come? That's like 10 comments per day, maybe 30 minutes on HLTV daily. You're just mad because you feel insecure about being a basically grown man and watching cartoons. EDIT: the fact that yo...
S1mple cheating past
He only played official ESL games on that account, no pugs, are you braindead?
S1mple cheating past
He wasn't caught casually, he was caught by an ESL anti-cheat which means he cheated in a ESL game, are you actually braindead?
S1mple cheating past
No, he wasn't, stop making up shit just to make yourself feel better.
S1mple cheating past
"During an official game" Are you stupid or not realise how anti-cheats work? Anti-cheat will ban you when your cheat gets detected, it literally doesn't matter wether you're in-game or no.
S1mple cheating past
No, it wasn't 1.6 ban, stop spreading fake news.