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meanwhile spunj breaking down game physics to explain how 1mm of pixel exposed in a certain angle gives you a headshot across 3 maps
CMsgSteamDatagramRouterPingReply with extra route info about data center 736770, but no ping for that data center? if only the server issues were as important to their making money off rigged gacha c...
Listen me about jamppi please
damn imagine being a jampii fan in 2021
nah GabeN forced CSGO to live in the basement chained to a radiator, he used all the csgo skin money to make the DOTA Dragon Blood Anime on Netflix. next month hes gonna be like, here you go CSGO, h...
CMsgSteamDatagramRouterPingReply with extra route info about data center 686b67, but no ping for that data center?. random server issues lol
S1mple born to lose?
Too much time tunnel vision through a scope
4:3/16:9 come
4:3 hurts my eyes so I had to switch 16:9 and have been playing like that for a long time. Also I didn't have a monitor so I was using a 37" TV as a screen for a long time and that didn't help eithe...
GG gambit
Energy drinks and kielbasa with a piece of cheese, then whipped for 30min before MMs
GG gambit
Am Dosia's friend, can confirm, had to feed them once.
Is it dropping defuse kits a good feature?
"Omg is that a karabit Doppler statrack 9000 m9 case harden knife? Can I see it?" "Want to trade me that knife for [P250 Sand Dune]?"
GG gambit
Makes sense why he clutch so good. The rest of the team was just chained to PCs in the basement and forced to play.