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come watch together i already buy it legally, stream via channel
Gambit vs Akuma
ez for akuma sensei will teach gambit how to play csgo
yeah gambit is longtime era 1# material, sh1ro,ax1le, sometimes hobbit stand out but no one really carrying hard...everyone playing on a good system just like astralis ,SK
i rate your hltv name
i rate your hltv name
Canadian is a superior lifeform
Free UFC 261 stream come here
Lots of nice people doing it on reddit, so i also want to be one of those nice guy
-Jks +BnTeT
actually good idea. col need pretty solid player while extremum need a hard carry player. jks = hard carry material but sucks so bad when not on form bntet = doesnt seem that he can carry alone as a ...
So its official CoL need some changes right?
I forgot there's saying that it's impossible to argue with an idiot, so my bad
So its official CoL need some changes right?
Are you aware that you're dumb and making stupid sacrastic remarks?
So its official CoL need some changes right?
of course, rather than roster change frequently like faze. gambit's way of sticking together even when they hardly can't beat navi/vp in CIS at first prove to be fruitful. Time > Roster change be a ...
Give me teams and i rate them
DBL Poney -NBK +kennys/nivera
What is your top3?
1. Twistzz 2. NAF 3. Jks
karrigan is overrated
STFU moron, gambit need 6-7 month since hobbit come to establish themselves, mouz's karrigan new roster take 7 month before they achieving anything, juggernut criticized at first but they prove to be ...