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english and croatian, learning russian rn
HLTV Top20 Prediction
What about nexa?
1.6 v GO v Valorant mechanics
What do you mean 'objectively different games' what the fuck. Valorant was marketed and hyped as a csgo killer. The game was made to pull players over from counter strike how can you say valorant can'...
Who the fuck said anything about kennys i know hes been shit for 3 years now, doesnt change the fact simple is shit this bo3 and farming awp kills against pistols. Classic navi fan brain
There he is, farming stats with awp on ct nuke so his rating doesn't look as bad. Good job simple!
McSkillet video
U realise ignoring my argument doesn't make it invalid?
McSkillet video
Im done arguing with you. I got the information in the video this thread is fucking about which you obviously didnt bothet watching. And at least try googling what mania and major depressive episodes ...
McSkillet video
It is not different though, his brother suffered from severe paranoia and tried to run away, mcskillet also suffered from severe paranoia and on top was having a major manic-depressive episode. He tri...
McSkillet video
So you insult me for putting words in your mouth, than you put words in my mouth. Interesting approach. You obviously have no idea what mania is or what a major depressive episode is.
McSkillet video
So you're just going to completely ignore everything I wrote after the word manslaughter? Everything after that word explains why it was manslaughter.
McSkillet video
Murder and vehicular manslaughter during a major manic-depressive episode are not the same
McSkillet video
So if you kill someone in self defence you should go to hell, go to jail, deserve no sympathy and are a horrible person?
Top 20
Choking 3 maps in a row?
Would be nice but no way, too inconsistent for years now