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That's cheap af for rent in Oslo. Good deal mens
NRG vs Natus Vincere
With NaVi's current form and NRGs momentum from beating Liquid and Astralis the odds on NaVi should be waaay worse
s1mple fans come in
get reborn in a new country
Feel everything is a downgrade tbh
get reborn in a new country
Meat eaters
I tried not eating meat for a month, and it was honstly fine. Did end up going back with a heavy reduction though as meat adds to a dish like few replacements can. It soaks up flavours and spices like...
Turkey bad tourism
"My recommendation is to not visit Turkey!" Really fam? Was sure you were about to do otherwise
Worst era
NA fluke
TOP 10 NA players
Lmao none of the below are better
TOP 10 NA players
1) Elige 2) Twistzz 3) NAF (Kind of interchangable with Twistzz, just based on form) 4) Brehze 5) Stewie 6) Nitr0 7) Ethan 8) Autimatic 9) Tenz 10) Tarik
I can agree with this tbf. Love watching them play, but I imagine some less competitive players could do well against them if given the chance
should homo couples be allowed to adopt kids ?
Your point being what? If people choose to ridicule the kid for that, I can assure you the parents aren't the problem lmao
should homo couples be allowed to adopt kids ?
Lmao why not? What trait would make a gay couple better or worse than the best or worst straight couples??
Actual Legends in CSGO
Something like this maybe? Hard to narrow it down to 10: F0rest Get-Right Dev1ce S1mple Olofmeister KennyS pashaBisceps Guardian Flusha Coldzera
Top 20 players in 2019
This is a joke, right?