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Poland WTF
typical braindead nationalist in Poland we've got many of them
Favorite food?
everything from Italian kitchen <3
-krystal +xizt That should work but not +Get_Right and +Friberg
Languages you learn?
Polish,English and German (I've could learn Italian or Russian but I've picked German)
i r8 your desktop
Build your perfect roster
CIS: -Zeus -sh1ro -Simple -AdreN -qikert EU: -Niko -NBK -Karrigan -Xyp9x -Cerq NA: -Brehze -EliGE -Skadoodle -daps -Liazz
new team lineup
grab ass
wtf or my country is weird but from doing something like that I could be called a pervert or be slapped or both
grab ass
wtf that's still like random people that you see everyday...that's like grabbing ass your classmate or other girl from school that you are know from seeing her
grab ass
only my gf. Grabbing ass some randoms girls would be soo awkward imo
TOP 3 football clubs in your country?
1.Legia Warsaw 2.Lech Poznan 3.Jagielonia Białystok well I mean Polish league is soo bad that last team in the table can be a leader after idk 3 or 4 games later))))
Poland come here
I'm not a weeb men(((
Poland come here
this isn't a music men)))) but for rly yup that's a troll we love u Albanian friends in Poland <3
I guess ur age
1. 1900+ 2. MG1 (I dropped 2 days ago) faceit lvl 1 (well last time I really played whole match in 2017) 3. Fight Club 4. Twenty One Pilots 5. PUBG 6. Hotline Miami
I guess your age(very serious thread 2.0)
1.Hotline Miami 2.Alternative Rock or I must say Electronic Music 3.Omen by The Prodigy 4. Fight Club 5. Renegades 6. Get_Right 7. 2 I'm learning 3rd