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Hello mens))

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if you read it you are racista wtf
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oh no jermans....
disagree Overwatch is shit to watch beacuse too many things happen on map in the same time, Valorant is the same like CS with spectating the game so it will be very simillar to it. Valorant is S tie...
Its easier to play vs the same team who you know how they play vs random teams when you don't know anything about them. We have alot of tier1 teams back in the days when they play on major on insane l...
This test is racist ngl
East Europe, Africa or Middle East?
i see 3 alts here
s1 about Dycha
I want to remain anonymous and the clips show who made them and I don't want to log out just to make clip and there is no big diffrence with a vod/clip
s1 about Dycha
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/605468887?t=02h14m05s :D
Currently we are unable to provide the voice chat functionality in Valorant on the territory of the Russian Federation due to the uncertainty in the regulatory environment. This will not affect Russia...
Europe isnt a continent
By definition, the continent is a huge area surrounded by water so you are right. But Europe is a part of a (Eurasia Cotinent) and is the biggest contient in the world. From the huge differences betw...
No peeker's advantage in Valorant
Beacuse its a rare situations depend on a server lag? If we compare csgo when shit like this happen 10times per game to valorant when it happen once per day its obvious that there is no peeker adventa...
No peeker's advantage in Valorant
That doesn't change anything, that could be also a server lag but things like this will happen cuz its online. There are no servers in this world that would be perfectly stable.