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do u still play cs or use pc
I haven't played csgo since 2017-18 pretty much, still on the PC alot tho thing is, if the game is the main focus in your life for a couple of years and you're not making a living out of it, at some ...
Donald Trump's name cleared
Donald Trump's name cleared
it's irrelevant as soon as leftards can't use it against him anymore
Best Vape
vaping is probably the gayest thing you can do besides having a dick in ur ass
electric guitar
not even for that imo, just go on youtube and see how people play chords and play around with it until you can get all strings to ring out consistently
electric guitar
you can connect headphones to most amps, in the beginning I mostly just practiced without amp tho
electric guitar
I picked up the electric guitar 1-2 years ago (self-taught) and I can play metal (at medium difficulty I'd say) even though I haven't practiced as much as I would've liked to. from what I've read on...
Trump LUL
keep dreaming ahmet
Trump LUL
they leave and you have no military yahahaha
Trump destroys censorship (official)
obviously, because democrats want to keep censoring people. they love it when twitter uses CNN articles to 'fact check' republicans and hide their tweets.
Antifa in Poland getting more violent
yeah that's why fascist terrorist groups like antifa should be banned
German music
he's doing power metal nowadays
Iraqi Christians are are going extinct.
that's my point, trump is a gift from god it's gonna be fuked if biden gets in