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complexity KARMA
His only reason for joining EG was that he can return to NA and play in more comfortable team. He joined a tier 3 team, if he wanted to win something he would go for a better team since he is a rly go...
- jackz +pozion
Ye i know that, all im saying is that NiKo has more entry frags and oppening kills than jackz in last 3-4 tournaments. Also 1st kills are entrys if done on T side.
- jackz +pozion
poggers are bunch of random fpl players. Comms are not on the same level as they are vs tier 1 teams. He would have to play whole lot of matches with them in order for him to sync in.
blamef #6 last year
Proof that u can be average lvl 10 faceit and finnish in top 6 on hltv.
complexity KARMA
He was sick of baitF's baiting playstyle that lead to nowhere.
complexity KARMA
And thats about it for coL. They didnt win anything since then
"build the team around blamef". Both magisk and dupreeh are better than him. coL is already built around him and they suck for the last year and a half.
-bad stats -inconsistent threads
Lmao, bringing jackz back still sucks. Its just that NiKo started to play better and solo carrys whole G2..
- jackz +pozion
All i see after the match is "NiKo most 1st kills" and thats it. If that isnt entry then do tell me what is.
- jackz +pozion
NiKo's job is to lurk since he does it since forever. Who cares about stats if thats gonna improve their results overall.
- jackz +pozion
Niko has the most 1st kills in last 3 4 tournaments, wich means that jackz isnt doing his job. I would put hunter on entry and kick jackz.
- jackz +pozion
Rn he is the only awper who is comfortable with english comms in a team. There arent many good awpers that G2 can pick up.
- jackz +pozion
Hard to say that nawkk can be comfortable with the english comms. He never played in international teams other than in fpl, but thats not even close to real matches and big tournaments.
- jackz +pozion
Its hard to build a team around 2 riflers. There arent many good awpers who are comfortable with comms in english. In fpl thats totally different thing than in real matches, especially big competition...
- jackz +pozion
We all know that hunter wont be kicked cuz of NiKo ofc. I can see hunter doing the entry role if jackz gets kicked. Him and NiKo can do it like 50 50. NiKo has the most oppenning kills in G2 wich mean...