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FaZe - Astralis shuffle ?
Yes they do, but if faze were playing in NA vs tier 3 teams they would won without dropping a map. Thats how bad NA scene is.
if navi wins
Plastic hah, I know NiKo since he was 13 years old when he destroyed players in our region at lans.
if navi wins
he is 20 iq menss and u know that. Dont get triggered Sam, i got ur back :)))
"#AstralisFamily" only 3 guys in picss. That dissrespect.
if navi wins
cmon sam2k, dont talk shit about Faze. I always support u for s1mple being the best player in csgo
Pimp Retires
he wrote "i retire as a professional cs go player" just to trigger people and seek antetion to his stream. He is arrogant, if he just announced that he will be fulltime streamer then ok no problem. Bu...
r8 cute girl
dude this isnt a girl, this is a baby
boom? Isnt that the awp skin?
best player who won a major
1st they need to prove themselfs on lan and then we can talk about majors
Ranking updated
its cuz they are playing vs low tier teams. But Liquid, Furia and EG play vs low tier teams also and get more points lol.
Ranking updated
liquid #9 and they are playing vs 2 tier 1 teams (EG and Furia) and rest are tier 3 teams. No wonder EG got #3.
10s in frankie stream
They are quite funny tho. All u need to do is as soon as the game starts say "Davai, Davai!" and follow it up with "Harosh" and every russian will like u and wont be toxic towards u.
m0e 400iq
ye i think that twistzz himself rather wants to take duels than playing passive. To use that raw aim.
m0e 400iq
i think they are on same lvl right now, all tho twistzz can be better. Twistzz needs to take initiative on his own, not play passive. I said it in the past, why are u giving ur best aimer support role...
m0e 400iq
i know u were exaggerating and i tought "ok he meant tier 5 6 wich is still shit". Then ofc its the same. However if he switches it will greatly effect his playstyle since he plays support role wich i...