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Denmark tolernt school
You're just another basic hltv user that would rather say something offensive than getting into a conversation, I bet you don't even know what leftists and rightists stand for, but you use those terms...
If your people are not getting punished for this, you are a country of mokeys sorry to bring this to you but it's a fact.
Denmark tolernt school
I don't know about the part with the religion, my point was that if you as Polish go to a foreign country and they ask you to do something specific to your country, it doesn't mean that the teacher wa...
Denmark tolernt school
I think the kid is asked to show to the class the way he does his praying, this being part of an educational group program, but heyyyyyy... I don't understand what they say, so I might be wrong. I dou...
Mouz -snax
I agree with you in this, but the first statement of yours is that mouse > fnatic, which is not totally true, just last year. Going from one team to another just couse they have better form now, is no...
Mouz -snax
KRIMZ from fnatic to mousesports is like Hazard to Leicester couse they won the trophy in 15-16.
U.S and Soccer
Because you play soccer, not football, as simple as that. Try calling the sport as its name is. Till then, gl Croatia WC2018 champions.
Since both teams are actually shit right now, considering their history Romania is way way way better than USA. More than that, Romania is playing Barcelona today, legends of course, check the players...
You will be hosting an event of a sport that you don't know how to call, that could be a NO-GO, it is a shame for the sport itself.
New CS version?
Next is in 2024, since only 1.6 and CSGO are reliable.
new windows update destryed csgo
Windows 7 for games ftw, had the same problem on windows 10, took me 1 or 2 mins to go back in-game from alt+tab. Windows 7 turned out to be better for games, as for the most cases.
Dota2 >>>>>> CSGO
Just donate your last 10iq points.
Dota2 >>>>>> CSGO
I did not talk trash about anything, fact-check my friend. My last reply towards your unrealistic replies.
Dota2 >>>>>> CSGO
Pretty accurate and in sync with my thoughts.
Dota2 >>>>>> CSGO
You are seeking attention yet again, what do I have of such value that you chase?