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someone has sought wisdom
CS vs VALORANT (honest)
Play faceit and the anticheat won't be a problem in csgo. That will also make the elo system better, and give better servers. Even if the skins are better in valorant, you cant sell skins, there is no...
best guitar solos of all time
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrTMc2i6Lzc Clapton is crazy
1.24 rating not in anyones top 20 ?
The level of opposition is too low. None of the people he's played against are top caliber players. If I get 50 kills in a LEM game, that doesnt mean I'm better than s1mple
Nah bro navi is a better team, and with him instead of flamie/perfecto navi would be even better. That would be a navi that would be top 3 in the world. Not sure when mirs contract ends but in 2 weeks...
mir navi
It really depends on how long mir signed his contract for. In two weeks it'll be a year since he signed to spirit, and mir would be a clear upgrade from perfecto or flamie. If mirs contract runs out i...
F0rest Cloud9
f0rest guardian kio olof xantares? they wouldn't need 2 awpers hm
LEM rank
I didnt say EU is harder than NA. I said NA isn't harder than EU. There's a bunch of 10 year vets playing in LEM/Supreme in EU too, as they usually dont maintain their ranks in global. Saying one is h...
LEM rank
Bro it's not more difficult in NA than it is in europe.
LEM rank
LEM is ass
He's not the strongest awper mechanically, and I can't see how anybody could make that argument. He's a bit below the level of where his teams usually are. But considering he's an IGL, that's alright....
NiP vs Natus Vincere
haha han carryade map 1
fnatic vs Heroic
heretics did pretty good against vitality. They got 13 rounds against them on D2. I think you're overplaying that loss
Trump jail???
Bro they removed mail in vote. That makes it difficult for people to vote in big cities because the line to vote is so long you'd have to stand there for hours. But on the countryside (which favors tr...