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Most hated football teams
who cares about portuguese league and portuguese football, only corruption and shit media. thats why we suck in Champions league nowadays
Lil Pump in your bed
get pumped by lil pump
Most hated football teams
Climate Change
Its a thing created by china
Slavic countries rank
Why Poland is so insecure to always tell they are better than others countries XD
Do u love subway (fast food)
Have no idea, we dont have in Portugal But paying for a sandwish when i can make One in my home more healthy , no thanks
Gym Help
i only take the whey protein that contains creatina Prozis whey protein
How the fck ppl get cyberbulled, just answer the same shit ir just Turn off the PC/mobile
Top 3 countries you would move if you had to?
Spain USA Austrália
Barcelona in flames
well good luck for you guys hope can find a peaceful agreement , because in the end you guys are nuestros hermanos :)
Barcelona in flames
if the government use the 155º law, and i think they will cuz friday and weekend will be very violent, police wont be easy, they will charge a lot
Barcelona in flames
thats what i like Spanish Justice and Government, dont care how rich and influent politicians are, they get fcked going to the jail and police have green way to stomp those disturbing teens
Gerexit NOW
you give us money but we buy everything German, i only see LIDL, now ALDI everywhere , cars etc... so stop being selfish because if u leave EU , u will get fcked... i mean u are already slowing the ec...
Barcelona in flames
catalonia rly think can get the independece XDDD gl for friday when policia nacional and guardia civil arrive to barcelona. they will break people in half XD
Brazil or India
brazil ofc