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Fnatic fix
Tarik also can be IGL, and except stanislaw, he has a little bit more experience
C9 top 3?
+1, but anyway, firstly we should to watch how mezii is good, if no, then oBo
Ofc the feeling is good rn, but if they will show suck results on next tournaments, then Ok.
But not in FaZe's situation 90%. T1 eu teams yeah, but the question is how will they play next tournaments. If great, then Ok.
1 tournament almost doesn't mean anything. But if they will win the 2nd or reach the final, then maybe he will stay in FaZe.
Why not, the only right move if NiKo really will go to G2
NiKo is a good IGL!
This is not a hate, delusional faze fan, this is a fact. Team with such name "FaZe Clan" mustn't play how in previous EPL. Yeah this win at IEM has given a confidence and power for them. But as we kn...
NiKo is a good IGL!
Oh shit, here we go again. I waited till someone will have wrote such thing. Just because they won the IEM doesn't mean anything. FaZe won thanks to motivation after eating shit, not thanks to NiKo. ...
faze fluke
Fluke is an impossible definition. They won IEM, cause they don't want to become a real shit in they eyes of community. But agree that they can loose next tournament.
OG 3-2
Nt dude
AMD vs Intel
What is your budget? If you don't have money limit, then Intel. Or just wait for Ryzen 5000 and see what performance will they show for their price. But if you want to save a good amount of money, ri...
AMD vs Intel
FaZe back
Of course no, I think it's obvious. They just gathered after the shit game on EPL and now they want to show something at IEM. The question is what will happen after IEM, if they play as well as right ...
Without a doubt