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Lol patch notes 1.4
League the kind of game when u take 1 month break from it and when u come back, that build which was viable on some tanky jungler is now only used on top soraka etc. SMH cant keep up with that shit.
Taxation is theft
Lmao sorry my bad, it wasn't speculation. It was just cherry picking 👍👍
Taxation is theft
The First Income Tax - Egyptian Pharaohs Tax (3000 BC) The first income tax is generally attributed to Egypt where the Pharaoh's collected taxes from their citizens to fund grain warehouses, building ...
Taxation is theft
Trust me bro
Taxation is theft
Can you come up with a better solution?
Taxation is theft
"Taxes were created in the first place to help finance a war." This is straight speculation isn't it?
Taxation is theft
Without taxes you'd pay exponentially bigger amount than what you pay now. Only the richest of the rich could afford said things without taxes. No matter how you look at it taxes are mandatory if you ...
Taxation is theft
Hint: 1 tax funded thing should be enough if you honestly believe that taxes and wildfire can be compared like that. On the other hand if you don't believe that, then your argument immediately and com...
Taxation is theft
If you don't like losing 40% of what you make you dont also like: Using roads or railways or busses Using medication Using internet or libraries Living in a society. 40% (over exaggerated unless yo...
Taxation is theft
Your snuck premise here is that taxes bring literally nothing good to table but ONLY destruction? Are you kidding me? How many tax funded things you want me to list that YOU are using on a daily basi...
Date with girl
Why bother dating girls? Girls arent even funny. Do some actually manly stuff and date a dude.
drop some X in their drinks and they do 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍
Taxation is theft
Every system has its flaws. I see you crying about taxes but I don't see you telling a better alternative.
Taxation is theft
Ok. Remove taxes -> Who funds the society? Ooofff got your "woke" ass there m8. Better luck next time.
Drugs not bad
all these effect your dopamine/noradrenaline levels amphetamines effect on dopamine/noradrenaline levels thats why you like both. not all the time, but some times, depending on your situation.