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C9 nitr0
Yeah, only 2 consistent top 10 teams until who knows when. RIP NACS dream.
C9 nitr0
Yeah that's true. Alex also said that he wants a flashpoint team. Funny thing is, WHAT'S THE POINT OF A FLASHPOINT TEAM AND LENIENT BREAKS IF MAIN GAMES ARE ONLINE LOLOLOL In short, Alex made the wro...
C9 nitr0
I agree, actually! Sonic has recently been the weakest link in the team in terms of skill. So IF ANY CHANGES WOULD HAPPEN, -Sonic would probably have the be the case.
C9 nitr0
If he does go replace Krystal, I hope Krystal becomes the coach cause his strats pretty smart 'n insane.
C9 nitr0
Ah I see what you mean. Although I'd really like to hope that you're wrong and C9 can make it further, what you said makes sense.
Yooo chrisJ really do be chillin in mouseports.
C9 nitr0
Nah bro. Take Alex if they can.
C9 nitr0
Hm, I'd like to disagree with you. C9 has some pretty strong talent, considering the state of the US scene. Of course it's nothing like a Grim or a EliGE sort of thing, but I'd say that floppy, motm, ...
C9 nitr0
Yeah dude for sure. 100T seems like an interesting idea as liazz has been underperforming after the Berlin Major. Plus he's only 24, the same age as 2 and younger than 2 more there. I don't think he's...
C9 nitr0 Kinda lol
rip captain america
Deserved but saddening. Since Stew is probably IGLing nitr0 was kind of the outlier. Plus his fragging was pretty subpar recently. In a plain point of view, it's technically an upgrade. But still, bi...
Liquid GRIM
-nitr0 +grim incoming
Noooo Nitro :(
I really hope not. TL is a little on edge, but hopefully aren't looking for a change, EG are looking better than their recent slump, and I can't see any other NA teams looking to buy him out for (prob...
+1 I agree with the move on Spongey: unless he steps up he could be booted some time soon. I also like what you did with the Chaos roster there, potential just reeks from that team haha. Xeppa, Junio...